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140824 & 140918
Confetti - 2 // WINNER - 0

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This sign is in my doctors office above the scale and I really love it. It actually made me feel a lot better after reading it


This sign is in my doctors office above the scale and I really love it. It actually made me feel a lot better after reading it

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puppet master kim jiwon

puppet master kim jiwon

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(●´□`)♡ BIGBANG 

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Just a reminder that it’s ok to put yourself first. If you want to take that extra hour of sleep, do it. If you want to lay around and do nothing for a while do it. If you want an extra slice of pizza, go for it. You’re only human it’s okay to enjoy yourself.

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TOP is inspired by winners… (◡ω◡✿)

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Ok like the 2nd best after Bigbang’s. Yg family I love you so much. I cried at so many performances. When winner came on (like whoa boys you’re performing on that stage after all that shit!!), when Bigbang without Seungri did Haru Haru and the boys didn’t sing much for Lies cos the audience was…

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T.O.P : and dont worry, we'll be back very soon !
*next song starts playing* *it's Lies*


INNER CIRCLE this is pretty long, but that’s how long we waited for our boys through all the tears the emotional roller coaster, they final debuted and became monster rookies! 

Winner has us we are their Inner Circle they won’t feel alienated/ alone and unappreciated, because they have us! I know some IC’s are angry at YG, I felt the same way some feel now but Winner has accomplished so much ALREADY its hard to be mad because I know they are so happy…What can I say around this time last year they were working so hard now look at what they accomplished  look at what we all accomplished together!!!

From A a score of 10,695, WINNER has the 4th highest score in Inkigayo history. Within 10 days of their debut, WINNER’s win on M!Countdown makes them the fastest male rookie group to win #1 on a music show. News of their debut increased the YG stock price by 6.57%. Their debut track, “Empty”, entered the iTunes “Top 100” Singles Chart in seven countries, while their album topped iTunes album charts in four countries. Record for highest charting album by a Korean boy band on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart. Their debut album, “2014 S/S”, ranked at #1 on the American Billboard Charts for “Top-selling World Albums”. ”Empty” topped 9 major Korean music real-time charts simultaneously, achieving ”All-Kill” status. All 10 songs of the “2014 S/S” album ranked from #1 to #10 on the MelOn chart, achieving the MelOn “Perfect All-KIll”. (x)

I’ve never felt such emotions for a group like this NEVER, wanting to protect/love them its a weird new feeling for me. Listening to Winner music I feel joy I think IC’s feel the same joy I do, because with each song I know they gave it their all which makes it even more beautiful and even if some may not understand our hearts do.

IC’s I hope we’ll all be able to grow together even if I don’t know everyone personally we have a bond, Lets love  WINNER for a long time!


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